The postmaster site provides information about how mail is sent and received on our system. This information is useful for ensuring proper delivery of email, both inside our service and between our service and other providers.

Welcome to the Rackspace Email Postmaster site. This site is specifically for the Rackspace Email and Hosted Exchange products. For more information about our hosted email services, you can visit us here.

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Sending Restriction Domains/Aliases

To limit the ability of bad actors from using our service to send spoofing emails, we will begin enforcing additional verifications on all emails sent from our system. These verifications will limit the available sending domains to ones on the same account as the authenticated user. Click here to read detailed information about this change.

Sending Limits Update

We have updated our sending policy. In addition to the daily sending limit, users may be further rate limited, based on factors such as sending behavior and/or classification of their email messages (spam, bulk, etc.). Most rate limits are imposed for a 24-hour period.

If you have any questions, please contact support.

DNS Record Recommendations

Our hosted email infrastructure is continually evolving. As a result, IP addresses will change as part of improving the service. To ensure the best connectivity, use mx[1-2] in DNS and on sending software. Hard-coding IP addresses will lead to future delivery problems for your domain.

New IP Ranges Added

We have added the following New IP ranges for sending: